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Steampod: We Tested The Flat Iron That Takes Care Of Your Hair

23 January 2019
woman with long brown hair getting a steampod treatment

We tested L’Oréal Professionnel’s new and improved Steampod 2.0 hair styling tool - here’s how it styles and takes care of your hair at the same time!

L’Oréal Professionnel’s salon hair styling tool, Steampod, has been showcased as a star product in the hair and beauty world since its debut in 2012. Now re-engineered with perfected technology, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on the new and improved Steampod 2.0 New Generation. We got together with Ciaran Purcell, Head of Retail at Peter Mark to deep dive into the ins-and-outs of the hair straightening heat tool. The results of our test run have shown that there’s truth behind the hype; here’s why we love it so much.

What Is a Steampod?

“The Steampod is a heated tool that uses steam to deliver smooth, soft, silky and shiny hair. When you close the plates over your hair, the steam is released. Glide slowly through your hair for continuous high pressure steam for a long lasting smooth and glossy finish.” Explains Ciaran whom uses the tool now on a regular basis. The online destination for everything hair, powered by L'Oréal

Steampod: A Giant Leap Forward For Hair Styling Products

This steam-powered hair straightener was first launched in 2012, after years of meticulous research in collaboration with Rowenta Salon Electrical. The hair styling tool combines patented German technological innovations with a classic French design. 

Its successor, the Steampod 2.0 Nouvelle Génération, was released in 2015 as the new and improved model. According to the experts, it boasts better build, better performance and even better hair results. It is also available in two versions: a black model specifically tailored for in-salon use by expert stylists, and a white model made for personal at-home use. Hair professionals can now confidently recommend an accessible do-it-at home tool to their clients that they trust will achieve salon-approved results.

“I love the results the Steampod delivers and how it can be used on all hair types from fine to thick, unruly hair! I also love how the results last.” The online destination for everything hair, powered by L'Oréal

Ciaran gives the tool the nod. So what makes this flat iron stand out from the rest out there?

The Science: How Steampod Creates Astounding Professional Results

The Steampod has an advanced heat styling complex. Its patented steam technology and built-in water filtration system makes for an even, controlled release of purified vapor to help prevent damage to your strands. 
“Steampod is perfect for anyone who finds their hair dry, frizzy, coarse and generally unmanageable. It is also perfect for anyone who is heat conscious as the temperature can be bespoke to your hair needs 140c – 210c.” says Ciaran when we ask him who he thinks the Steampod is best suited. The online destination for everything hair, powered by L'Oréal

Evidently, the Steampod marks a milestone in technological advancement for hair and beauty. Record sales and raving reviews possibly makes it the new set standard in professional at-home hair styling and hair care. 
“The Steampod guarantees to keep moisture in the hair using flexible floating plates to create an even distribution of pressure for a beautiful finish. This leaves the hair shiny, soft and touchable for up to 3 days.” The online destination for everything hair, powered by L'Oréal

Sounds good, Ciaran. But does it live up to its reputation?

We Tried It: Steampod 2.0

On paper the Steampod has a lot to offer. The real question is: Is it too good to be true? We’ve broken down the top things to know:

Sleek Design

● It’s gorgeous. It’s minimalist and modern, and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it as soon as we saw it! 
● The slim build is impressive considering its power. It’s also super lightweight!
● It is easy to handle and a dream to use thanks to its intuitive interface.


● The side bristles brush through your strands as you steam.
● The steam is only released when the irons are pressed together, so that it can last throughout an entire styling session.
● Even with five high heat settings, there is no dry or brittle texture after using.
● There is an amazing shine to the hair after styling, even after the first use.
● Hair does not look so straight that it’s flat - it’s lightly volumized, airy, and keeps a natural, supple movement to the hair. 
● Hair feels super silky to the touch as if it was just brushed and conditioned. 
● Long-lasting - there is still noticeable softness even after a couple washes.
● Quick styling sessions, usually taking 15 minutes or less.
● “Clients love how easy the Steampod is to use and the amazing results they can achieve. They also love how versatile the product is and not only can they create beautiful smooth straight hair but they can also create gorgeous soft waves too“ exclaims Ciaran on behalf of his clientele.

Our Final Thoughts?

After a successful trial run with the Steampod 2.0, we think it is the new necessity in your hair accessory arsenal. It is worth the splurge as a risk-free, long-term investment.

Ciaran’s verdict? “If you find your current styler isn’t living up to your expectations then try the Steampod. After one use you will be amazed at the results and wish you had tried it sooner! Call into any Peter Mark salon and ask for your free Steampod demo on your hair today!” The online destination for everything hair, powered by L'Oréal

Talk with your L’Oréal Professionnel stylist for more information about where it’s available near you, or even to request an in-salon demonstration! 
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