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The 101 On How To Properly Maintain Your Braids

Elizabeth Hall
10 May 2019
woman with braided updo hair style

Love the bohemian look of braided hair but feel wary about the up-keep? We’re here to assure you that managing this fun summer hairstyle is actually much easier than you think! We got the know-how and we’re feeling generous as we share our wisdom on how to properly maintain your braids with the right salon-approved hair care routine.

Handle With Care: Stick To A Gentle Cleansing Ritual

With your hair twisted and tied up securely in braids, how exactly should you cleanse your hair? Here’s a breakdown in 3 easy steps:

First, Clarify Your Hair.

The trick to clean braids is not a rigorous wash but rather a pre-poo. Why? Rough shampoo has the tendency to loosen braids, causing them not to last as long. Clarifying with pre-shampoo ensures that you tackle dirty hair without ruining the shape of your braids. The pros highly recommend L’Oréal Professionnel Source Essentielle Delicate Shampoo, which gently removes impurities and oils whilst leaving hair feeling soft and supple - au naturel, all the way!

Gently Shampoo Your Braids And Scalp

The look and feel of your braids will always depend on your hair's health, which is why it’s essential to keep your hair and scalp in prime condition. Top of the line, Kérastase Specifique Bain Vital Dermo Calm is a shampoo that needs a home on your bathroom caddy ASAP. This product gently cleanses the scalp whilst hydrating with its moisturising agents, leaving your hair light and lustrous. Happy scalp, beautiful braids! The pros advise to add some water to your shampoo so it’s easier to wash out; then, whilst applying a light pressure, massage onto the scalp. We’re telling you, take care of your scalp and you will have the braids of your dreams.

Hydrate Your Freshly Cleansed Braids

This is a non-negotiable step, m-m-moisture my friends! Not all heroes wear capes, but they seem to start with K-Kérastase Nutritive Lait Vital conditioner gives the hair a big gulp of water (metaphorically speaking, duh) whilst nourishing the hair fibre without it feeling weighed down. 
woman with long braided hairstyle

Splash! Deeply Nourish With Conditioning Treatments

As we mentioned, the key to keeping your braids soft to the touch is to moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! The twists of braided hair may make it difficult to apply something creamy like a mask, but here’s another professional solution: keep Redken One United all-in-one multi-benefit spray in treatment on hand to spritz a dose of moisture when you need it. This product has a whopping 25 benefits… we’re left wondering how they managed to get so many goodies in such a small bottle. The One United spray leaves hair conditioned, nourished, whilst adding shine, controlling frizz and leaving hair soft AF. We’re obsessed with this product for very obvious reasons.

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Silk

You may not know it, but tossing and turning in your sleep actually creates harsh friction against your braids, compromising their shape. Luckily, there’s a professional solution! After washing and hydrating your strands, always finish with this last step to prevent further wear and tear during the night: To protect your braids, you should wear a silk night cap to bed. It will keep those beautiful braids going stronger for longer, aaand it happens to also lock in moisture. So make sure to wrap your hair in a silk scarf and invest in a silk pillowcase, your braids will thank you.

Follow these tips for braids that just won’t quit!

Interested in finding out more about maintaining your braids? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a hair professional near you.

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