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Throwback Hair Days: 6 Ideas For Vintage Updos

Elizabeth Hall
03 March 2020
90's hairstyle throwback vintage hair

Get ready for a blast from the past in 3,2,1… we think that a vintage updo is the best “new” way to wear your hair. Vintage style hair is the best way to embrace a retro trend without being too extreme- you can leave the blue eyeshadow at home, thank you. The thing about these nostalgic ‘dos that are larger than life, is that they have stood the test of time and found their way onto our list, even some 70 years later. If that doesn’t classify as a classic, we don’t know what would. We chose 6 vintage updos from various eras so you can dabble in your favourite decade like an iconic retro queen. No need to own a time machine, these ‘dos will do just fine - read on for all the vintage vibes!

Dabble In A Decade: 6 Vintage Updo Looks To Try

It’s time to bring these old school hair styling techniques into the 21st century. Here, we serve up some nostalgia with 6 vintage updos that have been reinvented for the modern world (because who curls their hair with mini soda bottles?). Whether you’re a fan of the roaring ‘20s or you consider yourself a sucker for the ‘70s, we have a look for you!

Vintage Updo 1: Victorious Victory Rolls

vintage blonde hairstyles

This decade was the window to innovative, big hairstyles, and this vintage updo is proof. Perfect for the office or even a throwback-themed party, victory rolls are a classic and we want them now.

How to create it:

you will need to start by sectioning off a large chunk of hair on either side and tying the rest back. Then, pull one side of your hair up and form a small loop at the end. Following the loop, roll this section of hair towards the loop and pin it in place (use pins at the front and back of your roll to be sure it stays). Repeat this process on the other side. The last step (and the most important) is to clean it up with bobby pins and hairspray. Pin flyaways and use a very generous amount of styling spray like L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni.ART Air Fix Styling Spray- this is the perfect product to use for a more modern, less crunchy finish.

Vintage Updo 2: Bodacious Beehive

beehive hairstyle

We chose the beehive because it’s one of the most wearable vintage updos without being too OTT, especially when you take down the height a few inches to modernise it.

How to create it:

For this vintage updo, you want a lot of volume. Prep freshly washed hair with  L'Oréal Professionnel Anti-Gravity Root Leave-In Hairspray. This product adds killer volume whilst nourishing hair. Start by separating a section of hair at the top front of your head (leaving fringe out if you have one), pin it and leave it for now. Doing small sections at a time, carefully backcomb the rest of your hair. Now tie the teased hair in a high ponytail, this will be the core of your beehive. Roll the ponytail onto itself and secure with bobby pins. Next, backcomb the small section of hair you secured earlier, you should have a lot of volume at this point. Smooth down the volume and then lightly bring it back up, spreading it evenly around your rolled ponytail. Twist the saved section on top to the back and pin it, there you have it!

Vintage Updo 3: Gorgeous Gatsby ft. Headband

vintage rolling 20's hairstyle

We will never lose our love for a good Gatsby ‘do. Try this version that’s wearable in and out of speakeasies.

How to create it:

Apply mousse to towel-dried hair, we love L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni.ART Full Volume Extra Hair Mousse for its added volume and strong, yet lightweight hold. Once you’ve blow dried hair, part your hair into a deep side part. Take 1-2 inch sections of hair and curl forwards with a medium barrel tong - take 9 sections from the thicker side of hair and three from the thinner side, clip the curls in section grips. Scoop the length of hair into a ponytail and curl sections of it outwards from the centre. Remove the clips and brush hair with a soft brush before putting the clips back to hold the curl waves in place whilst you finish the look. Next, back brush the ponytail curls lightly before spinning them on themselves and securing with clips. Remove the clips holding the wave curls and finish by adding the headband of your choice.

Vintage Updo 4: Beautiful Back Rolled ‘Do With Headband

low bun blonde hair hairstyle

This whimsically romantic vintage updo gives us vibes straight out of a romance novel.

How to create it

Start by separating hair into 4 sections. Grab a section from the front and weave in and out of the headband (choose one that has elastic for more hold), be sure to tuck the ends into the headband whilst alternating sides. Once all your hair is tucked into your headband, adjust the volume by gently tugging it to the size of your preference. 

Vintage Updo 5: Blast From The Past Backcomb Ponytail

brown ponytail hairstyle

Before you turn your nose up at it, know this isn’t the backcombing pictured in your mum’s wedding photos.

How to create it:

Divide hair into two sections, starting from the top of your ear back. Tie the bottom half into a low-hanging ponytail. Backcomb the top half to give the ‘do as much volume as you’d like. Using a comb, gently smooth the teased section of hair around the bottom ponytail and secure when you’re satisfied with your height. Finish by pinning flyaways with bobby pins and a good spritz of hairspray.

Vintage Updo 6: Classy Curled Ponytail ft. Headscarf

This look has us feeling like we should be driving and old school convertible in cat-eye sunglasses.

How to create it:

Start by smoothing hair with a smoothing serum, we love Pureology Smooth Perfect Smoothing Serum because it smooths flyaways whilst offering heat protection. Next, curl large sections of hair with tongs. Run your fingers through your curls to break them up and make them look more natural. Carefully tie hair into a loose ponytail and secure with the headscarf of your choice, silk is our favourite for this ‘do. Add some face-framing spirals around the face for a modern version of this vintage updo.

Now go on, take a stylishly subtle trip down memory lane with one of these vintage updos!

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