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Top Hairstyles For Long Hair in 2019

Elizabeth Hall
22 October 2018
woman with long black wavy hair looking down

Girls will never lose their love for down-to-there hair, it’s just a fact. We have been obsessed with long hair since watching our first kids film and that obsession has evolved into some pretty captivating hairstyles that would give Rapunzel a run for her money. Long hair has been considered the epitome of traditional beauty for as long as we can remember: lustrous, lengthy locks are always something to strive for! We’ve rounded up the trendiest long hairstyles to prove your length doesn’t lie.

Why We Love Long Hair

For centuries, long hair on women has been the ideal standard of beauty. History tells us that long hair is a sign of femininity - but what does that mean without style? We think the winning combination here is long hair + style. Without style, long hair is just a mark of conventional beauty, and why not strive to make your long hair unique? And let’s face it, the more hair you have to work with, the more styles you can try! That’s why we scoured social media to find you the perfect union of length and style to create your latest lookbook: the best hairstyles for long hair in 2019. Scroll on for the hairspo your lengthy locks are in dire need of.

Long Hairstyle No. 1: Big and Bouncy Blow Dry

Long hair and blowouts are two peas in a pod. If you’re living with lengthy locks and you have yet to #treatyoself to a salon blowout then the time is now. Whether it be a special occasion or you’re just searching for a bit of confidence - a trip to the salon is in order, ASAP. Besides giving you volume that just won’t quit, a blowout can last, wait for it… a whole working week (given you put in a little maintenance every morning). Apply some Redken Pillow Proof Express Primer Treatment Cream before blow drying your hair with a paddle brush to keep your bouncy blowdry looking fresh for the week - c’est chic.

Woman with long lustrous wavy blond hair blowout

Long Hairstyle No. 2: Bad Girl Boxer Braids

The 90s blessed us with a lot things… Clueless, Sunny Delight, backless tops, butterfly clips, a plethora of bad hats and more importantly, boxer braids (AKA two Dutch braids). They may have been popularised in the 90s but the origins of this cool-girl long hairstyle dates way further back to ancient Africa. If you’re more adventurous, try adding coloured ribbons or strings to your braids for a fun twist. A good hair serum is needed to keep your long boxer braids frizz-free - pro fave L’Oréal Professionnel Liss Control Plus will be your frizz-fighting best friend for this long hairstyle.

Blonde hair being done in a boxer braid style

Long Hairstyle No. 3: Hot Half-Up Bun

We don’t want none unless you got buns, hun. Very few hairstyles are as effortless and cute as the bun. Long hair in 2019 has never looked better than in a half bun that just radiates cool hair, don’t care. Any hairstyle worn down requires hair to be in good condition to showcase your gorgeous healthy length. Pro-approved L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Inforcer range minimises breakage (a long hair nemesis) and boosts shine, yay! As far as long hairstyles, this is the unofficial model-off-duty look and has been for years. It works on all hair types and the pros lend some helpful tips: if your hair is thicker, you want to compile less hair in your bun. On the contrary, if you have thin strands then use more hair - voilà. Note: this hairstyle is perfect if you tend to get greasier strands around your crown but you don’t want to wash your hair daily - we’re royally impressed with this trendy look.

Woman with black hair in a half up bun hairstyle

Long Hairstyle No. 4: Scrunchied Ponytail

Okay, so the 90s is clearly having a moment as two grunge-aged-inspired looks have landed on our list. As we promised to deliver the hottest long hairstyles of 2019, the list would not be complete without mentioning the loose ponytail secured with one of our favourite ninetylicious accessories, the scrunchie. It’s time to stop associating it with your Year 3 school picture and see it as the trendy piece of nostalgia that it has become. Definitely the most effortless statement you can make simply by loosely pulling strands into an unkept ponytail and securing with a scrunchie. As if you needed any more reasons to try this long hairstyle, the softer material of the elastic is gentle on your strands - BRB, just nipping back to the 90s.

The perfect blend of long, luscious locks and style has been written out for you. Take matters into your own hands and embrace your Rapunzel-like strands by trying out these long hairstyles for 2019 that’ll have you making all the statements this year.

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