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Top Hairstyles For Thin Hair In 2018

Elizabeth Hall
22 October 2018
woman with blonde hair in ponytail hairstyle
It may leave you wanting to rip your hair out some days, but we’re here to tell you that having thin hair isn’t a bad thing. Be content with what Mother Nature has blessed you with and take comfort in the fact that there are innumerable hairstyles for thin hair out there that can ramp up the volume with a quick snip of the scissors, twist of the curler or pump of product. If, in spite of your best styling efforts, your thin hair seems to refuse to be anything but lacklustre and drab, you’ve come to the right place. We have researched the magic that is the illusion of thicker hair and compiled a book of the trendiest, most volumising haircuts and hairstyles for thin hair out there.

Thin Hair Styling Rulebook

Before delving into the nitty gritty, there are a few key rules you need to take heed of when approaching any hairstyle for thin hair in order to make sure it’s a plumping success. Some of them may even come as a shock, but maybe that’s where you’ve been going wrong all this time! Read it, memorise it, volumise it.

1. Keep It Chunky!

Every expert has the same piece of advice: the more geometrical and blunt the haircut is, the fuller the overall look. It’s also good to avoid dramatic layers as they can make hair appear thinner at the ends - a graduated cut, however, is your friend.

2. Less Is More

Classic makeup advice that is actually applicable to thin hair as well. If you think by growing out your thin strands it will make them look denser, think again! In fact, extra length actually weighs down thin hair. Try to be a stickler about the six-week rule of getting ends trimmed and err closer on the side of short hair in order to keep your hair from dragging you down, literally.

3. Mousse Is Your BFF

Thicker-looking hair requires products. If you have thin hair, you are probably already well acquainted with hair mousse. Pump in some mousse to damp hair and distribute evenly with a wide-toothed comb: a pro favourite is L’Oréal Professional Techni.ART Full Volume Extra. Made just for thin-haired ladies, this hair mousse packs on an extra volume effect - goodbye hair extensions! To finish, blow dry hair upside down for added volume. 

Our Top 2018 Hairstyles for Thin Hair

With our top volumising tricks in place, let’s move on to the best cuts to add some oomph to your thin hair. Here are our top body-injecting hairstyles for fine strands!

Classic Lob for Thin Hair 

Long bob hairstyle for thin hair

This haircut for thin hair was created in 1909 and it hasn’t slowed down in popularity since. The lob (long bob) is perfect for thin-haired ladies because it gives the volumising illusion we aim for. This haircut for thin hair makes our list because it’s all about keeping the bottom dense so hair appears thicker. Keeping your lob full is a no-brainer with the Kérastase Volumifique collection that was designed just for those with finer strands. The line consists of shampoo, a gel treatment, hair oil, and a volumising expansion spray all to give you, you guessed it - more volume. Glass hair is a hot new trend famed for its high shine and blunt ends, we’re fully behind it. 

Thin Hair Tousled Waves ft. Bangs

blue wavy hair with fringe

If you thought having a fringe was impossible with thin hair, thick again... This hairstyle for thin hair actually works in your favour by creating a clever diversion to the eyes. Eye-grazing bangs will frame your face like the masterpiece it is whilst distracting people from your thin hair. Just be diligent that your stylist doesn’t cut the fringe too far back because the bangs are being borrowed from your hair - the more left, the better! We love the fringe paired with a full and chic blow-dry. This can be created by pumping in your trusted volumising mousse before blow drying with a round brush. There you have it - Parisian chic made simple!

Thin Hair Mile High Ponytail 

Top Hairstyles for thin hair - ponytail

This take on the classic ponytail creates a full, bouncy effect that will lift your strands and spirits. There’s no better way to amp up the volume if you’re living with sparse strands! To create this look you’re going to want to prep damp hair with a few drops of a quality hair oil: we like the Kerastase Volume Beautifying Oil Mist - it delivers volume and shine sans lacklustre locks. Next, gently scrunch hair for a silky wave-like finish. Then, you’re going to separate strands into two ponytails: one at the crown of your head and the second just below. Secure the two ponytails together for skyscraper-high volume! Add some waves to the length with a hot iron, spritz on some hairspray and finish by pulling out some loose, face-framing strands. Giddy-up volume! 

If having sparse strands has you in a styling slump, take some hairspo advice from us and try these trending hairstyles for thin hair that will be sure to crank up the volume in your life.

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