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Why We Will Always Love The French Roll Hairstyle

Elizabeth Hall
21 January 2020
women wedding french bun hairstyle

There are few ‘dos that have truly withstood the test of time and can be classified as “timeless”: but the French roll hairstyle is one of them. There’s a reason everyone wants to be a Francophile, the French just know how to embody class whilst making it appear effortless. It’s time we take a page from their book of enviable standards and try out the updo that’s just as classy as their culture: le French twist. The aura of sophistication that this look lends makes it a go-to ‘do for many occasions. The French roll hairstyle may look complicated, but with our tips and tricks, it’s just as effortless as French beauty… if styling this hairstyle at home has left you in a bind, don’t get twisted! Scroll through to follow our simplified approach to add a ladylike air to any of your outfits. De rien.

Lazy Girl Hair Goals: The Allure Of The French Roll Hairstyle

If you’re a low-maintenance kind of girl, good news! The French twist is all about effortless elegance… and it offers just that - polished results that won’t have you fussing with your hair in the mirror in a state of frustration. As complicated as it sounds, the French roll hairstyle may look like it took ages to style, but in reality, styling is a breeze.

Before we delve into deeper into any how-tos… what is a French twist? You may know it as a “chignon” hairstyle, which is basically a fancy version of a low-hanging bun. But not to confuse this updo with a basic bun, it’s anything but that: it consists of hair being pinned and twisted to simple, but elegant perfection.

As with any vintage trend that is boomeranging on Instagram, we felt the French twist deserved a more modern twist. How does one alter such a classic up do without compromising its vintage allure? Instead of stressing that every strand is in its place, let your twist be a little messy. The finished result should look as if your twist could fall out at anytime (but it won’t). Next, find out how to do this perfectly undone ‘do from your bathroom! This look leaves us with only two words: très belle.


bridal hairstyle french bun

How To Do The ‘Do Du Jour: The French TwisT

We’ve taken the liberty of simplifying the already - foolproof - French roll hairstyle, and we’ve even given it a modern update! Take a look at our Parisienne-approved 7-step tutorial to master the chicest updo like a pro.

 Step 1

Texture, texture: you want to start with second or third-day hair because this look requires a lot of texture to separate it from the old fashioned French roll hairstyle. If you’re working with freshly washed locks, you can apply a mousse to towel-dried hair for extra hold and texture. We love L’Oréal Professionnel Rebel Push Up Mousse as it offers heaps of volume and a texturised finish.


Step 2

Take it back: next, you will want to blow dry hair from an upward angle, backcombing whilst you dry.


Step 3

Pin it: using your non-dominant hand, gather hair off to that side (it should be slightly off centered). With your other hand, secure hair from the bottom up (vertically) using a bobby pin.


Step 4

Pin it some more: starting from the bottom up, insert a row of bobby pins (vertically), crisscrossing as you go to secure hair. Finish by pushing the last one downward.


Step 5

Twist it: you now want to gather hair in one hand and twist - the tighter you twist, the more polished the results.


Step 6

Now go horizontal: start inserting bobby pins horizontally, they should intersect with the vertical pins to hold the French twist.


Step 7

Set it: Spray a generous amount of lightweight (make sure it’s lightweight!) hairspray. We love L’Oréal Professionnel Infinium Hairspray because it doesn’t leave any sticky residue behind and it offers multiple hold levels. Pull out a few face-framing pieces to make the look more modernised.


Bringing The French Roll Hairstyle Up To Date

When it comes down to it, effortless-looking styles can actually be harder to pull off than you might think, but the French twist is an exception. By taking this modern approach, your ‘need-to-look-chic-rightaway’ problem will be solved!


Carry a dry shampoo in your handbag: as mentioned earlier, texture is crucial to keep this look in the 21st century. We love L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.ART Morning After Dust dry shampoo not only for its ability to refresh your ‘do into the night, but it smells fabulous too.


And use dry shampoo to prep: spray your pins with dry shampoo prior to sliding them into hair for more hold and texture.


Use a chunky clip: if you have thicker hair, try securing hair with a clip rather than bobby pins for a more casual effect.


Twist your way to effortless, Parisian perfection with the French twist!


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