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Determine The Perfect Hair For Your Face Shape

30 August 2018
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The Perfect Hairstyle For A More Oval Face Shape

We often set our sights on our next hairstyle based on not much other than what direction the hair trend wind has most recently blown us in, materialising from our social media feeds and various inspirational magazine pages. However, if you’ve ever walked out of the salon scratching your head as to why the ‘do you’ve dreamed of for so long doesn’t look quite as good as you’d hoped, it could be because it’s not adapted to your face shape. Indeed, your profile plays a much bigger role in the success of your hairstyle than you might think, so it’s necessary to personalise our hair decisions!

Our hair can either enhance our natural features or just as easily, detract from them. So yes, even a small snip can make the world of difference. 

Read on to discover the factors you should be contemplating for your next chop.

Perfect Hair For Round Faces

If you are in the round face club, it’s all about reducing the amount of volume in your hair. This does not mean no volume at all, but go easy on the backcombing. A gentle nudge of volume using a mousse will give a soft volume that won’t enhance a round face. You may also want to add more angles through layers and textures. Ideal for those with thin hair, L’Oreal Professonnel’s Tecni.Art Rebel Push Up adds texture alongside volume.

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Perfect Hair For Slim Faces

Likewise, if your face is slim in nature, the goal is to add body to your locks. Graduation adds more volume, whereas layers diminish it. Opt for rounder cuts if your face is slimmer such as a bob or lob (long bob).

Perfect Hair For Square Faces

To help soften a strong jaw line, mid-length to longer tresses with soft layering are ideal. The length will help to make a square face appear longer. To look after your lengths, ensure you visit your salon for a trim regularly and run some L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Nutrifier DD Balm through the ends. 

Perfect Hair For Diamond and Heart Faces

Diamond and Heart face shapes are suited to shorter, choppier textured hair cuts. Try a bob or if you have long hair, ensure you have those layers cut in to frame the face.

Perfect Hair For Oval Faces

You lucky thing! The most versatile face shape around, you have the pick of the bunch and generally you suit all hair styles. 

Thick Hair vs Fine Hair

As well as face shape, the thickness and fineness of your hair will help determine the style you should go for.

Thick hair? Big curly and thick hair could require some chopping to create the right shape for your barnet.

Top tips for thick hair

If your hair is particularly thick and curly, use a mask to smooth it out and keep it nourished (Try L’Oreal Professionnel’s Serie Expert Absolut Repair Lipidium Masque) just leave it on for five minutes and feel the softness ensue.

  • Put your hair in the hands of the experts, there are many techniques that can be used to help reduce volume overload.Thin Hair? If your hair is thinner hair, you will want to keep your hair full bodied as you want to make it look thicker.

  • Top tips for thin hair

  • Volume and texture is key; invest in the right styling products to give your hair the right amount of oomph. Give Redken’s Wind Blown Dry Finishing Spray a try for enviable texture and movement. 
  • Let’s be blunt here, feathery soft shapes will only make your hair look finer. Go for a blunt cut which will give the appearance of a stronger defined shape.
  • When a cut is not enough, add colour

    Taking a leaf out of our makeup bags, you can create the perfect hairstyle using hair contouring techniques. Using light and dark elements to frame your face, your hair colour could be the icing on the cake.

    For example, if your face is long, it is suggested to darken your roots and lighten the mid-bottom section, in order to add the illusion of width. Similarly, if your face is more triangular, you can darken your roots and brighten up the tips, so as to push the volume down your profile and balance out the triangular jaw. If you do opt for the contouring technique, then make sure to look after your tailored highlights with L’Oréal Professionnel’s Blondifier range by Serie Expert, which helps to brighten and enhance the appearance of multi-dimensional tones in coloured hair.

    The next time you’re in need of a fresh trim, reflect on these factors rather than solely what’s trending. It is bound to suit you infinitely more, meaning that you (and your stylist) are guaranteed to walk away much more satisfied.

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