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Best Layered Haircuts To Complement Every Face Shape

28 September 2018
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Layers often seem like to answer to all of your hair styling woes. Locks lacking volume? Get layers. Has your style got no movement? Get layers. Hair too thick? More layers. Hair too thin? Layers again. But layers come in all shapes and sizes, and not all layered haircuts are created equal. The layered haircut that looks flawless on your best friend may not have the same effect on you. So how do you figure out which layered cut is best for you?

While layers look good on just about everyone, before asking your stylist for a cut, you’ll need to figure out what you’re trying to accomplish for your hair. There are three main things you should consider when deciding on the perfect haircut: your hair texture, its density, and your face shape

The great thing about layers is, they have the ability to disguise almost anything you don’t like about your hair. Whether you think you have too much hair, or your hair lacks volume, layers offer a helping hand. Additionally, be sure to tell your stylist which parts of your hair and face you’d like to highlight. That will ensure your stylist gets a better understanding of the look you’re going for.

Looking for a little more direct guidance? No problem! Find out here what layers suit your face shape best;


If your face is the same width all around, fairly even, and full, you have a round face shape.

Long, face framing layers are a favourite of girls (and guys) with round faces everywhere and for good reason—they’re insanely flattering. When your hair falls flat, it brings attention to the shape of your face instead of your strands. Ask your stylist to cut a few diagonal face-framing layers for a supremely flattering style.

If you're looking to add more length to your face, consider adding a side sweeping fringe to your ‘do. Side swept bangs move the eyes diagonally across your face, making it appear longer (and slimmer).


If you have a wider forehead and jawline, you have a square face shape.

If you’re looking to soften the lines of your strong jaw, consider a graduated bob with layers that begin below the jawline. The longest part of the bob will soften any harsh lines, and the layers will create just the right amount of movement.

When styling your hair at home, try styles with deep side parts to create volume near the top of your head. The volume near the crown of your head will help to balance out your face shape.


If your face is more long and narrow, you have an oval face shape.

Having an oval face is great, don’t get us wrong —but when every haircut looks amazing on you, how do you choose? While you can pull off almost any look, a layered lob [Link to article: Hair Transformation: Long to Lob) might just be the most flattering cut of all.

Unlike really long hair that can sometimes highlight the length of the face, the perfect lob will make your face look perfectly in proportion. While the lob would look flawless on its own, adding layers to an already flattering cut allows you to highlight your favourite parts of your face.

Woman with long wavy brown hair with a white background


Spreading the love now, if you have a wide forehead, strong cheekbones, and a narrow chin, you have a heart face shape.
Because your face is narrower near the bottom, consider asking for a layered bob. A voluminous bob that hits right at your chin will bring fullness to your narrow jawline.

If you’d like to minimise the width of your forehead and accentuate your cheekbones, ask your stylist to add soft side swept bangs to your bob. The angle of the fringe will bring focus to your cheekbones and away from your forehead. 


If you have a small or narrow forehead and a strong jawline, you have a pear face shape.

If you’re looking for a style that will have a slimming effect on the widest part of your face, opt for long layers. The length of your locks will automatically make your face appear narrower, and the layers will create enough volume that your locks aren’t lying flat against your face. Your stylist will be the expert in where these layers should fall so make sure you discuss this in a consultation.

If you’re looking for a shorter ‘do, consider a tapered pixie cut that is short on the sides with lots of volume on top. The height on the top of your head will add fullness to the top of your face.


Shine bright! If you have pronounced cheekbones and a narrow forehead and chin, you have a diamond shaped face.

Similar to those with heart face shapes, diamond face shapes should consider cuts that will bring fullness near their narrow jawlines. A layered bob with lots of volume will bring fullness to the top and bottom of your face. If your face is on the longer side, consider adding a choppy fringe to shorten your face.

Rules are there to be broken though right? Always remember that you are unique and factors such as style and personality can be the biggest factors when choosing a new look. Make sure you still do you!
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