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Blunt Cut Hair: Minimalist, But Bang On Trend

Elizabeth Hall
20 March 2019
woman with short blunt cut style hair

Blunt cut hair: as a simple style that makes a massive statement, it’s no wonder why this hair trend is creating so much buzz. It’s not like every celeb is in a big group text collectively deciding what’s hot - no. This look is just so gorge that it’s caught on like wildfire. Here’s why this famous blunt hair is here to stay and why you need it in your hair life.

Blunt Cut: The Minimalist Hair Trend

So what is this of-the-moment style? A blunt cut refers to the hair being cut the same length all around. The one-length blunted edges make your hair look ultra-sleek and modern due to its minimalist style. It is great in its ability to work for any hair length, allowing for a more personalised touch. To be blunt (literally), this cut makes for a gorgeous, polished look that instantly reads “healthy hair”.

The Haircut That Enhances Any Hair Length

The best feature about blunt cut hair is its versatility. It can work for any hair length! Cut it super short to meet your ears for dramatic fullness and boyish charm, or polish up your long hair lengths for a classic visage. The most popular length for blunt hair, however, would be the blunted long bob that we’re seeing on our favourite A-listers aptly named 'Glass Hair' Medium length is the most sought-after length for blunt hair because it looks great for both wavy and straight down looks - a happy medium!

Hair Care: How To Keep A Neat Shape In Your Blunt Cut

If you’re convinced that your thick hair won’t give your blunt cut hair a sharp and clean shape, you need not to worry. Experts say it’s best to leave your hair as natural as possible by opting for heatless hair styling - celebrate those thick locks instead of changing them! We’re all about embracing our natural beauty, and this blunt hair trend makes it painlessly easy.

For an overall styling boost Redken's One United all-in-one multi-benefit treatment spray lightly conditions and protects your hair to keep your natural shape under control with the added bonus of shine and silkiness. For more intensive hair care conditioning, (during the winter months) use the Extreme Anti-snap Leave-in Treatment also by Redken to provide extra nourishment and repair to damaged hair, so that your blunt hair continues to say “cool-hair-don’t-care” no matter the season.

Hairstyles To Rock Your Blunt Cut

Yes, the more geometric-shaped blunt cuts are “the new ‘it’ look,” but they can still act as great base cut for other hairstyles because, well, versatility! Think: tousled beach waves or slick-pulled back ft. trendy headband. Use Redken’s Wind Blown 05 Dry Finishing Spray for a light hold and natural-looking windswept waves that are perfectly tousled with airy volume and texture. If the blunt cut hair seems too straight edge for your liking, cut in a feathered fringe for a face-framing retro look that will soften up your style. Any blunt hair length can benefit from more stylised curls, or even achieve a playful look by topping off with a topknot!

Time to get some hairstyle realness with the blunt cut hair.

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