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Hair Transformation: Long to Lob

28 September 2018
woman about to cut her long brown hair

As feelings of empowerment ripple across the country in this millennial-fuelled era, there is no better time for self-expression – and your hair has always been a statement symbol for this. Buzz cuts and pink hair are no longer a rarity, but for some of us, we’re not quite ready to give up our basic hair routines and comfort blanket highlights. However, that’s when the hair experts step in… It’s time for a hair revolution (or maybe just a restyle let’s not get carried away), and those long tresses you have been hanging on to are just not inspiring you. The answer lies in the lob, a long bob for those who are new to the term. It gives you the empowerment of a shorter haircut with the flattering soft features of longer lengths.

blonde woman with lob hairstyle
But when is the right time to consider a hair change? A life changing event can usually trigger a lustful trip to the salon for a significant chop. New job, boring job, new relationship, end of relationship, all strong contenders. But, wait. Before you get scissor happy, you need to discuss. Yes with your friends of course, but mainly your stylist. Only the experts can truly consult on not only what will suit your personal features, face shape, eye colour, hair colour etc. etc. But also your lifestyle and personality. Your hair speaks volumes about you – so you need to be sure whether you are looking to shout or whisper. Make no mistake though, a hair change really can transform your confidence.


Ben Hards, owner and expert hair stylist at The Square Salon & Spa, joined the team to transform the beautiful Cali from long to lob. Cali wanted to create thicker looking, healthier hair and go shorter to encourage a more playful texture. 

Ben’s Top Tips for going from Long to Lob

1. Face Shape Friendly

“If you are feeling slightly conscious of your face shape being a bit round, then a jaw line bob is not for you. The Lob is a much softer option that drops the length below the jaw. Not only is it versatile, but it isn’t as drastic and blunt, so is a good transition from long hair.” 

Ben Hards Salon Owner & Celebrity Session Stylist

For the rest of you face shapes out there, the lob is perfect for all. 

2. Crank Up The Volume

"If your hair is fine, you might want to talk to your stylist about adding a slight graduation to build up weight. I’ll often cut a subtle undercut underneath to help thicken the shape.”

Ben Hards Salon Owner & Celebrity Session Stylist

Thin Hairstyle - Lob

It’s important to let your stylist know what you want but can often be difficult to know what to ask for, so make sure you have a full consultation first. Tell your stylist how you like to style your hair at home and what your normal everyday routine is so they know what works for you.

Ben is keen to let us know how important that is, remarking;

“Make sure you are given the correct hair care advice on how you should style and recreate the look at home. The right product and styling tools are the difference between making a good cut look even better and a good cut look bad! ” We don’t want that!

Ben Hards Salon Owner & Celebrity Session Stylist

Ben decided to give Cali a textured and playful lob that works with her boho style dress sense and rebellious nature, she wanted her hair to be an “organised mess” in her words. Ben skilfully layered Cali’s hair and it instantly looked thicker and healthier when he trimmed off her damaged ends. And to style, Ben used Shu Uemura Art Of Hair’s Wonder Worker, a dreamy “multi-benefits hair primer” before moving on to blow drying. He then added body and texture to the final look, working it through with his hands and brush (Kerastase Volume in Powder).

Don’t forget you’ll need to give your lob some love and treat it with the care it deserves. We recommend using a routine designed for damaged hair, try Redken’s Extreme Shampoo and Conditioner. A range designed specifically for colour-damaged and weakened hair (pass us a bottle!). Always ask for a bonding system when colouring hair in-salon for added colour protection whilst colouring (L’Oreal Professionnel’s Smartbond or Redken’s pH Bonder are a good place to start). 
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