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A Guide To Pixie Cuts For Thick Hair

20 December 2018
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Elizabeth Hall

Elizabeth Hall


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Thick-haired ladies know the struggle of managing an unruly mane of plentiful hair. If you’re not lacking in the strands department and you’ve considered getting a pixie cut, we’re here to tell you that the time is now! It’s a fact that women with long, thick hair lose precious volume. If you’re feeling a bit indecisive, rest easy in the fact that this major crop will deliver favourable results. We cover which pixie cuts for thick hair suit you best (according to face shape, features, etc.), and how to style your new short ‘do with the best cool-girl crop products on the market!

Who Suits A Pixie Cut For Thick Hair?

The pixie cut is a sure way to make your look edgier and smart, and the pixie cut was made for thick hair. This winning duo has captivated Hollywood, but we think it shouldn’t be limited to the stars. The feeling after just the slightest trim can make us feel vibrant and fresh - imagine the power of a pixie cut! This cool-hair-don’t-care cut, without exception, can suit anyone… with these tips in mind, you’ll find your pixie cut soul mate. First off, find what hair cut suits your face shape.

If you’ve got a round face… opt for a pixie cut with a tapered illusion and long, face-framing bangs - volume is the way to go, just be sure you keep the back and sides short. 
If you’ve got a long face… try and avoid any pixie cut that has extra volume (like a mohawk), as this will just make your face seem even longer. 
If you’ve got a heart-shaped face…  a long and deep side-fringed pixie cut will highlight your cheekbones like magic. 
If you’ve got a square face… create something that blurs the angular lines of your face - layers will be your best friend! 

The most important thing is that you consult with your stylist to discuss which pixie cut will ornament your pretty face best.


How To Style Pixie Cuts For Thick Hair 

This cut may lack length, but it doesn’t come up short with ways to style it! Here are our favourite ways to style this “It Girl” crop.


Long sweeping fringe
This look and its fairy-like qualities have stolen our hearts. It strikes a balance between cute and edgy, we’re in. To style a long sweeping fringe on a pixie cut, apply 1 to 2 hazelnut-size drops of L’Oréal Professionnel Liss Control onto towel-dried hair and work through to the ends for a rebellious, yet cute AF ‘do. 

Slicked back
This look looks just as hot as it makes you feel - think emerging from a rooftop pool in Bali. It’s never been easier to style with your pixie cut because with thick hair, this look is flawless! Fresh from the shower, comb hair back and from your temples, apply Shu Uemura Master Wax until the crown of your head. This product has a high shine finish that doesn’t look greasy, the key to this gorge mermaid-inspired look!

Ice blonde pixie cut
There aren’t many looks as iconic as a blonde pixie cut. Go platinum to make your cool-girl crop even more edgy and bold. Blonde balayage on a short ‘do adds texture and the icy contrast against dark roots makes your pixie cut more fierce. There are so many variables you can work with on this base colour to stay ahead of the trends like ash pearl blonde. 

Barely there short hair
It seems like there’s an unofficial buzz cut hysteria going around Hollywood and we’re actually all for it. Perhaps you can’t imagine parting with the majority of your luscious locks, but believe us when we tell you, this look is seriously hot. If you have fine features, a super short pixie cut will highlight your features in the best way. To style, spray some Matrix Texture Builder on your hair and ruffle it up a bit for the perfect undone, chic look. 

Headband Hero
If you’re a girl on the go, you may not always have time to mess around with products in the morning. That’s where your trusted headband comes in. Pick a neon coloured scarf to fashion as a trendy headband. For more formal events, pull a detailed metal headband over your pixie cut for the statement piece you needed. Easy, check. On-trend, check! 

Shaggy swag
For this style, your pixie cut should be a little bit longer (around 2 to 3 inches) because it’s all about playing with textures here. This is the cool, French girl of pixie cuts for thick hair. With this, you have the chance to showcase the beautiful, thick head of hair you were born with. Blow dry hair with a round brush to create textured waves. Finish with a spritz of Redken Wax Blast spray to keep your cool (hair) going strong all day long. 

How To Care For Your Pixie Cut For Thick Hair

You may think less hair means less maintenance, but this is a common myth. That said, it shouldn’t stop you from rocking the cool-girl cut. With the right adjustments, you will find that it’s only a matter of switching up your routine to embrace your above-the-neck cut. Firstly, in order to tame those thick locks and keep your style in check, make sure you are using an intensely nourishing mask once a week. Kérasrase Nutritive Masquintense for thick hair will deeply nourish the hair fibre, keeping hair radiant and silky soft. 

Next up, beware the grow-out of the pixie cut! If you want to keep your short crop cool and easy to manage, regular trims should be in order. Make sure you pop to the salon every six weeks for a trim in order to avoid a messy grow-out. If you’ve been aboard the washing-hair-every-three-days train, time to get off… since you will be using more styling products, you need to ensure you’re rinsing them out more frequently. In the end, a little more maintenance is well worth the look.

Hop on a jet to crop city and embrace a pixie cut for thick hair!

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