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Getting The Big Chop: Can Your Curly Hair Survive It?

22 October 2018
woman with short curly blonde hair

Considering a shorter cut but curls putting you off? Welcome to the curl club. If you have curly hair you’ll know that a shorter cut can equal way more maintenance, but why?

We have come armed with the right professional know-how with expert advice from Kérastase UK Ambassador, James Galvin so you can sport a curly bob to be proud of. Read on for our curl tips and tricks for shorter, springy locks.

1. Curl Control

Why do curls behave the way they do? The definition of a curl is often related to weight. Short curly hair is often less defined as it doesn’t have the weight to hold it down.

Hair length isn’t necessarily something that affects curls, however, the weight of the hair can pull it down and therefore give it a bounce. You won’t always get the same type of look with shorter hair as the curl can widen out and turn frizzy, due to the lack of weight.

So you might want to consider if going shorter is something you are happy to adopt if the curl definition is likely to become looser. Always opt for a curl defining product such as Redken’s Curvaceous Full Swirl, this serum is as sassy as it sounds and it’s designed to refine those curls to give you ultimate curl power.

2. Getting The Right Cut For Your Curls

You might be wondering why it’s a good idea to cut off your curls but James Galvin suggests it can help create more definition; 

“If the ends are more defined, the curl will in turn be more defined. If the ends are wispy, the curl may have a tendency to frizz and lack bounce. Curly hair will naturally spring back into life when it has been cut.” 

If you’re thinking of chopping off your curls, seek out a thorough hair consultation before the big snip. It can be difficult for curls to look the same when they are shorter so it’s best to obtain a professional’s advice so you are getting the cut best suited to you.

“Sometimes cutting curly hair dry and freehand is the best way. Always avoid razors and thinning scissors, as they make the hair frizz and affect the condition of the hair. Always be prepared that if cut wet, curly hair will always spring up a lot more than straight hair, so make sure to take that into consideration!”

It’s also always advisable to invest in the right curl-specific haircare and styling products that will help you discipline your curl and give it the kind of volume that you want – something your stylist can also give you advice on. 

If you don’t struggle with ringlet rage and are blessed with curls cuter than pearls, then going short is probably an easy choice for you. Just remember that taking lengths of curls and then wishing your hair would grow back will feel like a lifetime. Curly hair has to whirl around before you notice any length compared to those with straight locks.

3. Shorter Curl Maintenance

How you maintain your shorter curly do will be one of the main dictators on how your new hairstyle behaves. Our pros advise a curly haircare regime that’s specifically adapted to curls to keep it hydrated and nourished. Because curly manes are naturally drier in nature, they require more hydration to avoid frizz and keep your curls under control. Opt for Redken’s All Soft Mega range for uber moisturising, curl quenching goodness.  

“Depending on your type of curls and the look you are after, different products will give different finishes. The Kérastase Aura Botanica Crème de Boucles gives curls a more relaxed look, whilst Kérastase Oleo Curl gives more definition and hold to the curl.“ – James Galvin

Whether you decide to go shorty or keep your mane as it is, we strongly advise you put a spring in your step and visit your hairdresser for their advice. They will offer the best advice and can offer alternative options if you decide it’s not for you right now. 

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