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The Ideal Short Haircuts For Thin Straight Hair

Elizabeth Hall
13 February 2019
brunette woman with short hair

Thin hair is genetic, and while it may seem frustrating at times, we’ve come to save the day as your humble hair heroes with our list of short haircuts for thin, straight hair. Just because you have thin hair doesn’t mean you can’t have great hair - quite the contrary. These thin hair haircuts will create the illusion of more abundant strands so you can have more good hair days! We also deliver salon secrets from Matrix Artistic Director, Christian Wiles. Read on for the hair-inspo you need in your life.

Scared To Move To Chop City? Think Again: Short Hair Is In

If you’ve been born with thin strands, then you know your hair’s worst offense is falling flat when you walk out of the door in the morning. It’s a not-so-hidden secret that cutting your hair short will deliver what you’re craving... v-v-v-volume! Logically, long hair weighs down fine tresses and gives the appearance of flat, thin hair.

Short bouncy thin hair haircuts, however, is your ally in creating the beautiful illusion of a rich, lustrous mane. Thin hair haircuts should be short and straight, it will make your locks look lighter and bouncier, helping it to appear less stringy and fine - just what you’re after! Thin hair haircuts  look its best when cut at the collarbone or shorter, anything longer than that and the ends can look transparent. Read: bobs, lobs and pixie cuts are your BFFs if you have thin hair.

Hello Volume! 5 Short Haircuts For Thin, Straight Hair 

Short hair is the most flattering if you have fine hair, it’s just a fact. Here, we bring you the trendiest thin hair haircuts, straight hair so you can live life on the fuller side (or at least look like it!).

1. Glass Hair (AKA Sleek Bob)

The trend that has taken Instagram and Hollywood by storm happens to be one of the best thin hair haircuts! The bluntness of the cut paired with the oh-so-sleek shine will make your mane one to envy.

“For fine hair it is best to opt for a blunt cut that will create thickness or sharpness - but be careful as it will show every scissor mark and detail. It’s essential to be absolutely precise and accurate. A short blunt bob would be the perfect style for a client with very fine hair however the key is to ensure that it will suit their face shape”

Christian Wiles Hair Artist and Educator

2. The Textured Bob

Not to be confused with a layered bob, a textured chop on fine, short hair is hair goals. Ask your stylist to give you layers close to the crown of your head to give the hair more lift without interfering with perimeter, giving the hair more density.

3. Shag ft. Feathered Bangs

If you’re feeling a fringe binge but have been told you couldn’t rock bangs, rewind. It’s all about the placement! This retro-inspired look can be seen on all our favourite models, on and off-duty. Long bangs and a texturised shaggy cut is a sure way to make hair look longer and fuller. By cutting your shag in with blunt ends, styling your short hair is a breeze.

4. Textured Pixie Cut

The pixie cut is the unofficial cool-girl cut and should be winning medals for short haircuts for thin, straight hair. Short hair has always been perceived as more sassy and if you’re raising your eyebrows in agreeance, this is the thin hair haircut for you. Bonus: it’s super easy to style and is a great way to freshen up your mane after years of styling and chemical damage.

5. Graduated Lob

This thin hair haircut is super edgy, literally. If you want to add some definition to your face (even slim it a bit) then this should be a look to take to your trusted stylist. Shorter in the back and gradually longer in the front, the bluntness can give the appearance of denser hair.

Volumising Tips For Your Thin Strands

So you’ve gotten the chop and your short hair has you feeling pumped - with volume - but you’re still wanting the look of fuller hair. Look no further - we’re giving you the lowdown on all the best volumising products to provide the additional volume boost you need in your life.

To start, it’s important to note that unlike traditional shampoos and conditioners, volumising products expand the diameter of each individual hair shaft. The hair superstars to plump up your limp locks! As for how often to wash your hair, fine hair tends to be a magnet for oil buildup so it’s a general rule to wash your locks every day. Although it’s generally not advised to sud up your strands every day (unless you need to), the oils can weigh down the hair and give the appearance of even thinner hair. What products do you need by your side?

Enter: Matrix Biolage FullDensity range. The FullDensity Shampoo sets the stage by cleansing hair of impurities like excess oil. Follow up with the FullDensity Conditioner for fuller, denser looking hair with reduced breakage. With clean, conditioned hair, spritz FullDensity Densifying spray treatment beginning at the scalp in sections. Gently massage at the roots and work through to ends. Top tip: do not rinse out! This spray offers thicker-looking hair after just one use. Don’t we love some instant gratification. Christian offers his advise on the best products for thin haired beauties.

“There are many products on the market to give the hair volume and thickness.  My personal choice is Matrix Biolage RAW Uplift Shampoo and Conditioner followed by the RAW Styling Jelly to blow dry into the hair which gives it the fullness that it requires.”

Christian Wiles Hair Artist and Educator

These short haircuts for thin hair are backed by hair science (or illusions); either way, they are guaranteed to make your tresses more voluminous and anything but lacklustre. Say it with us, short hair, more volume!

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