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Undercut Hair: The Hot Hair Trend Perfect For Festivals This Summer

Elizabeth Hall
11 August 2019
dark haired woman with undercut hairstyle

There aren’t too many androgynous hairstyles that we absolutely adore, but the undercut makes the cut - literally. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill hairstyle, oh no: it adds a sense of style and edginess that can’t be rivaled… which is probably why it’s trending BIG at the moment. We love that you can use this sick shave to show off your personality, and the options are endless. From a bob undercut with a hidden pattern (so cool), to a full-on mural on the back of your head, it’s time to flirt with your creative side! The undercut is making a comeback just in the nick of time - with summer in full spring and festival season upon us, it’s the perfect nonfussy style to opt for. Who wants to spend precious time during a music festival styling their ‘do? No one? That’s what we thought. Keep reading to find your source of undercut hair inspo ahead!

Buzzing: What Is An Undercut?

Anyone who’s been stuck in a hairstyling rut has considered grabbing a razor and shaving off their hair. What if we told you that rather than being a seriously bad impulsive decision, it’s actually trending? Allow us to introduce: the undercut. This look is all about shaved hair at the nape of the neck that is cut into patterns (like geometric shapes) with a razor. Team up with your stylist to make your head an actual work of art whilst keeping sweaty strands off your face in the summer heat. We’re stoked that this look is not only badass, but bang-on trend too. Scroll down to find the undercut ‘do for you.

The Ultimate Undercut Lookbook: 3 Ways To Embrace The Buzz

If you’re ready for an awesome new look that shows off your cheekbones and sets you apart from the basic, it’s time to try an undercut. Here, take a look at our top 3 favourite ways to sport this style!

Undercut No. 1 - Bold Bob

woman with undercut bob hairstyle

If you’re looking to update your sophisticated bobbed ‘do, the addition of an undercut will modernise the look in the trendiest way possible. We love this look because it evokes masculinity with a feminine touch that is both androgynous and awesome. One of our favourite ways to wear a bob undercut? Play with hair colours! Picture the top half (the bob) coloured to platinum perfection whilst the lower half stays your natural shade. The contrast can’t be beat in terms of style points - a bob undercut paired with a platinum hue? Yes, please.

How to style it: we chose “the facade of a bun” because it’s perfect for weddings or formal events. For sleek sophistication, you want to start by putting in a heat protectant: we love L’Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil Original Oil for the shine it lends locks. Next, straighten small sections of hair to amp up the shine and give the look more polish. Part your hair down the middle with a comb and use the flat iron to tame flyaways to their appropriate side. Pull the hair that you can to the nape of the neck and secure with bobby pins or a small elastic. Spray with hairspray to keep flyaways in place, done! 

Undercut No. 2 - Down Under The Man Bun

undercut man bun hairstyle

What says hipster more than a man bun? A man bun featuring an undercut! Straight from the streets of Brooklyn, this ‘do evokes some serious cool-guy vibes. It may be your favourite soccer player’s ‘do, but listen up lads, it’s for you too!

How to style it: start by adding some styling paste for extra hold - L’Oréal Professionnel Homme Mat 4 styling paste is our go-to. Then, brush hair back as tight as you can and secure with an elastic at the back of your head. Using another elastic, fashion your miniature ponytail into a bun. Simple and sexy.

Undercut No. 3 - Pixie Cut

short undercut pixie cut hairstyle

This look can either be sweet and sassy or rock n’ roll, depending on how you style it. We love the versatility of this style because you can switch it up with whatever mood you may be in. Pixie cuts are back on-trend for many reasons… for us, it’s namely because they can add structure and volume to thin hair and movement to thicker hair. The undercut pixie cut gains even more points in our book because it takes the overall aesthetic into the modern world - short hair, don’t care.

How to style it: the key to styling this look lies in keeping texture on top. Let your hair air-dry and then add a texturising product like L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.ART Web styling paste.This product moulds hair whilst giving it a carefree air with its natural-looking finish. Use your fingertips to style, but not too much, you want to maintain the “I woke up like dis” facade. This style looks best with minimal makeup and bold brows. 

If you want to live your best life this summer, try an undercut ‘do to show off your edge and have all eyes on you!


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