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Men’s Hairstyles 2020

Elizabeth Hall
06 April 2020
a man with brown hair and nice haircut

Women think that men have it easy when it comes to hair. Shorter styles means less styling, less maintenance and less societal pressure to come up with something original, right? Wrong! While it might not be quite as tricky, guys still need some guidance - that’s why we’ve created the only list you need when it comes to men’s hairstyles for 2020. Here’s how to wear the pants out of these styles, and what products you need to create these bespoke looks at home. For the boys and for the men, we’ve got you covered on all fronts when it comes to the coolest men’s hairstyles of 2020. 

Men’s Hairstyles 2019 - What’s Trending

In order to simplify the whole process of deciding what your next hairstyle will be, we’ve narrowed down the list to our top 4 men’s hairstyle looks that are turning up the heat in 2020. In some cases, it might be necessary to forgo your monthly visit to the barber to grow out your locks a bit to get some length, giving your stylist more to work with to create these cool looks. Below are our favourite head-turning men’s hairstyles of 2020 you need to try!

Top Men’s Hairstyle Look 1: Rocker Waves

man with low cut hair

Rock on, dude. This no.1 men’s hairstyle of 2020 is a styled side parting which has just the right amount of product to keep it from looking too clean-cut or curated. Your stylist can shape your hair in a way that gives you maximum volume without being floppy, playing with the natural texture of your hair to sculpt out your tousled waves. We recommend Redken Brews 3-in-1 Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash to cleanse and soften your hair for perfect rocker waves results. This style requires a bit more length to work with, but when it’s done right, it creates the perfect edgy-cool look, so cool, it ranks number 1 on our list of men’s hairstyles 2019!

Top Men’s Haircuts Look 2: Buzzing Buzzcut

man with sunglasses and dark hair

Topping the hot list of the best men’s haircuts of 2020: the buzzcut! If your 2020 motto includes the words “new hair, new me”, then you’ve stumbled onto the right look to shake a lot of things up. Ranking high in our top men’s haircuts 2020 category, this style is about more than just shaving everything off and starting again. We’re seeing a resurgence of colour in men’s hairstyles (think bleach-blonde or even bolder shades of blue or green) to add some personality to your buzz, and also some length on top to keep it from looking too much like you just got out of the military. Short, neat sides help to tie this whole look together just right for low-maintenance men’s hairstyle that keeps your hair in the spotlight.  

Top Men’s Hairstyles Look 3: Slippery When Wet

man with brown hair with dark hair

This look takes notes from the Buzzing Buzzcut style, and then flips it on its side. Mimicking the same principle of shorter, buzzcut sides and longer hair on top, we’re all about the slicked back style that is all kinds of dapper. Again with this look you’ll need a bit of length to get the look right. Use gel to create some volume in your hair to prevent it from falling flat (or if you can, use a hairdryer to backcomb your locks for added depth) but go sparingly on the product to avoid a grease monkey aesthetic. When it comes to styling, you can either choose a more subtle push to the side or go all out with a straight back style that’ll take slicked back to another dimension. Men hairstyles 2020, done right!

Top Men’s Haircuts Look 4: Timeless Gentleman’s Cut

man with fine brown haircut

Last but not least is a haircut that will always be a main feature of men’s top looks, and definitely finds its place on our men’s hairstyles 2020 list. A true classic, the gentlemen’s cut is defined by cutting your hair at equal lengths (or perhaps slightly shorter on the sides) and then shaping it into a side parting with the right pomade for style. We love Matrix Style Link Matte Definer Beach Clay for its firm hold and matte-style finish, ideal for fine-tuning your Timeless Gentleman's Cut. This is the perfect look for summer, transitioning from day to night for a fresh and stylish cut that can look as natural or sculpted as you want it to- a timelessly cool men’s hairstyle of 2019 (and years to come)

Men’s Haircuts 2020: Why You Should Always Go Pro

We’ve all had the urge - or even acted on it - to grab the scissors and give ourselves a trim. It looks easy enough… but that’s where you’re wrong. Cutting hair is an art that is best left to the professionals. If you’ve acted on impulse, you might have been left with an unintentional bald spot on your head when all you wanted was a wee trim. Avoid the hassle of hat-wearing until your strands grow out by scheduling an appointment with your stylist - you won’t regret it.

Cheers to the latest and greatest men’s hairstyles of 2020 - pick yours!

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