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The Beginner's Guide To Beard Care

30 August 2018
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So you’re itching to grow a beard but have heard through the grapevine that the task actually entails a notable amount of beard care and upkeep - not quite the free-spirited, free-growing (dare we say lazy?) process you had envisaged. If you’re feeling less-than-knowledgeable in the wake of selfcare, firstly, know that many of your fellow fellows feel the same. Secondly, take comfort in the fact that, armed with a little knowledge and pump of product, beard care is easy to master. We’re here to drop some truth bombs on everything you need to know about looking after your beard, and how to keep it in shape between barber visits to successfully channel your inner Zeus. 

The Four Golden Rules Of Beard Care

So it’s official: beard care is about more than just keeping it clean. Perhaps not music to your ears, but the final result of achieving an enviably suave beard makes will make it all worthwhile  - and who knows, you might even take pleasure in the few minutes of me-time in the morning! In a nutshell, you need to be focusing on four steps: washing, trimming, brushing and oiling. 

1. Wash It

First up, the basics. Your beard can sometimes feel itchy, and less than pleasant factors like trapped food, dead skin cells and dry hair can exacerbate this feeling of scratchiness. To scratch the itch (not literally), it’s important to wash your beard 2-3 times a week depending on how active you are for maximum comfort and beard care.

Just like you wouldn’t use regular face soap for your hair, you shouldn’t use it on your beard either. Beard and head hair are both cut from the same cloth, and all hair needs proper care! It’s even a good idea to use a beard-specific cleansing product over a regular shampoo. 

2. Trim It

You know what also causes skin irritation? Straggly hair. A dry scratchy beard is not only irritable, at times it can be downright unbearable. But before you give up on your dreams of having a beard to rival the best, try trimming it in between barber visits. A good pair of sharp scissors are a welcome addition to your beard care arsenal, and with this powerful tool in hand you can trim and train your beard to get it to exactly where you want. Leave the heavy-lifting to your barber, and instead use scissors to prune any hairs that aren’t a part of your beard shape, and remove any split ends you might find. Your barber will sort out the rest on your next visit. 

3. Oil It

Now that you’ve washed and trimmed your beard, it’s time to up the beard care ante with a beard oil like Redken Brews Mens Beard Oil. Regular use of this wunderbar product can help tame and treat your beard. It conditions the hair and skin in the face of dryness, making your beard softer and shinier (see ya, scratchiness!), helping to maintain your facial comfort, all the while packing a punch of 99% natural ingredients such as nourishing avocado oil. At the same time, your face will smell great!

The scoop on oiling your beard

If the idea of using oil for something other than frying your brekkie has you slightly perplexed, here are a few pointers on how to apply oil to your beard.

●  Typically, beard oil should be applied at least once a day, after showering. 
  It’s recommended that you pat your beard down with a towel before applying it (steer clear of vigorous toweling), as beard oil works best when the hair is damp. Applying oil straight after water might sound counterintuitive, but after a warm shower, your pores and hair cuticles are open, allowing the oil to be absorbed more efficiently. 
●  How much you apply depends on the size of your beard, and you may need to use a few more drops if your beard is particularly bushy. 
  Massage the beard oil into the hairs and skin to make sure it’s properly absorbed in all the right places, to ensure sure you’re getting the most from your beard oil.

4. Brush It 

To polish off your beard care routine, you should be brushing the stubble once a day. Brushing acts as a natural treatment for your beard as it helps to distribute your beard oil (and skin’s natural oils) evenly throughout your facial hair, keeping it healthy and fresh. When brushing, comb your beard with an upward motion, as if to push it horizontally away from your face. This helps to separate your beard hairs and to untangle any knots. After you’ve finished combing your beard away from your face, comb it back down into the desired shape, which will help to train the hairs to grow in the direction you want them to. Remember that daily brushing also helps to soften facial hair.

Armed with these beard care steps for in between barber visits, your beard is sure to flourish. Now go forth and conquer with your healthy, strong beard!   

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